Latvia banned two Russian websites for spreading propaganda and disinformation

The National Council for Electronic Media of Latvia has decided to close access to two more Russian websites in Latvia – and positions itself as a social network, and as a “news from Voronezh and not only”.

The council started checking the sites after receiving a letter from another government agency, which said that the mentioned sites are being used for aggressive propaganda.

Having checked the sites, The National Council for Electronic Media of Latvia found that these sites spread distorted and false information about events in the world, including the Russia’s war against Ukraine, justifying Russia’s actions.

In addition, the websites spread inciting information with the aim of discrediting the state of Latvia and NATO. Such publications in the information space of Latvia can create a false impression about events in the world, negatively affect the coexistence of various social groups in Latvia and pose a threat to national security, the council notes.

The Council have come to the conclusion that these sites are used, in particular, to spread a narrative directed against the Ukrainian statehood and Ukrainian people, as well as distorted information about political, economic and social processes in Latvia.

The Council informed providers about its decision, which should immediately close access to and

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