Latvia: The EU Must Stop Importing Russian Grain

This statement was made by Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs during a press conference, according to the Latvian Delfi.

The President also emphasized that the EU countries should stop trading with Russia, as this issue has been being discussed for a long time, especially among the Baltic states.

“You know, sometimes we focus on one thing, but the problem of third countries is in bypassing sanctions, and it is not less serious, and perhaps even more serious, if we look at the volume of trade”

Edgars Rinkēvičs said, without naming the countries.

The Latvian President also mentioned some figures, for example, annual trade turnover of the Baltic states with Russia. According to preliminary data, Poland and Latvia have the largest trade turnover, namely more than 220 million euros per year.

Most of all, the Baltic states buy mineral fertilizers and food products, including grain, from Russia. According to Rinkēvičs, this purchase of grain from Russia supports the Russian military machine, serving as a weapon in the hybrid war against Ukraine and other countries.

The Latvian President called on the EU countries to take effective decisions on Russian grain imports, because the ban imposed only by Latvia will not bring the desired results, and Russia will fill its budget to continue waging its war against Ukraine.

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