Leverkusen city implements new rule: No Performances by pro-Russian Artists

Leverkusen, Germany – The city council of Leverkusen recently announced that Russian artists who support the war of aggression against Ukraine and Putin’s regime will not be allowed to perform in the city. The decision came after a demand from the FDP party, who thought it as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine and a show of consideration for Ukrainian refugees in the city. This is reported by Radio Leverkusen.

This new rule will affect future performances by Russian artists in Leverkusen. The city had no reason to consider such a rule so far, as no corresponding performances had been planned. 

Although, Leverkusen has twinned with the Ukrainian city of Nikopol. Despite being under the Russian shelling, Nikopol’s mayor, Oleksandr Sayuk, joined Leverkusen’s council online meeting from the shelter to sign the twinning agreement. 

“Thank you for your humanity and empathy. We need your help more than ever. It is essential for our survival,” said Mayor Sayuk, expressing gratitude for Leverkusen’s support.

Leverkusen’s partnership with Nikopol not only reflects its commitment to Ukraine but also highlights the crucial role of international cooperation in challenging times such as war.

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