Lloyd Austin: We’re going to continue to get Ukraine the support that it needs

At the opening ceremony of the 22nd meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, known as Ramstein meeting the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin made a couple of important remarks on aid for Ukraine.

He stated that currently over 50 countries of conscience from around the world are standing up for Ukraine and they continue to step up to meet Ukraine’s most urgent needs. In total Ukrainian partners committed more than $95 billion in security assistance since the start of Putin’s full-scale invasion in February 2022.

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According to Austin the most urgent needs for Ukraine right now are 155-millimeter artillery rounds, air defense, and ammunition for HIMARS. That includes additional munitions for NASAMS and Patriot air-defense systems more HIMARS systems and ammunition, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin and AT-4 anti-armor systems. This assistance becomes even more crucial with the beginning of Russian offensive in Kharkiv region. “We are again delivering urgently needed assistance to Ukraine. And the security assistance that we are now rushing to Ukraine will make a real difference in this fight.” – Austin said.

He also highlighted that the United States will continue to approve substantial security assistance packages for Ukraine. And there will be a steady flow of U.S. assistance to Ukraine week after week. Secretary of Defense promised that America remains determined to do its part.

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He stressed that air defense will be high on the agenda of the meeting. He urged all of allies and partners to reassess their ability to get Ukraine the air-defense capabilities that it so urgently needs.

Austin said that Ukraine’s survival and success are central to Ukrainian security, European security, global security — and American security. He believes that if Putin prevails, tyrants will conclude that they can also try to invade and conquer their sovereign neighbors. That will leave Europe under Putin’s shadow and make the world more violent and chaotic. “So Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and security matters to us all. And I am more determined than ever to ensure that Ukraine has what it needs to succeed.” – said Secretary of Defense.

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