Lukashenko’s Freudian slip regarding Russia’s fake news about the “conflict between the military and the leadership of Ukraine”

Mikhail Podolyak, advisor at the Office of the President of Ukraine, believes that the fake about the confrontation between the military and the political leadership in Ukraine was created by the Kremlin.

This is just one example of numerous Russian news outlet coverages of the topic.
TASS is the Russian government news agency

Mr. Podolyak said that the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko revealed important information about the intentions of the Kremlin today.

He spoke about this at the info marathon live:

“Sometimes it’s better to remain silent than to speak. Mr. Lukashenko is definitely not following this rule. This character spoke clearly and extensively today about the true background of one very tenacious fake that has been corroding our society for months. Lukashenko, knowledgeable and in detail, outlined the media story about the presence …an allegedly serious conflict between the military and the political leadership in Ukraine. And that this conflict should provide in the very near future …a kind of coup because the military is tired of the war and does not want to tolerate President Zelenskyy’s radicalism any longer.”

Mr. Podolyak believes that this is an extremely symptomatic statement, which quite clearly sets out the key points:

“Firstly, where has this specific PsyOps really originated from. Secondly, what exactly are the goals of numerous reports of alleged conflict between the Office of the President and the military. Thirdly, that it is our military that allegedly would agree to negotiations on the terms of the Russian ultimatum. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the reality. It is also obvious that Lukashenko is absolutely aware of the existence of such an information game. And finally, it is quite clear that, experiencing significant problems militarily, the Russian special services will sharply increase the effort for destabilizing the socio-political situation within the country, including by scaling up such fakes about the “conflict between politicians and the military.”

Podolyak also reacted to the role of some Ukrainian media professionals in this:

“The question is: why do our media people, bloggers and telegram channels respond so zealously and systematically to obviously foreign provocative and fake stuff? For what? To really finish playing someone else’s staged game, the essence of which Lukashenko spoke in such details?”

We would like to remind you that Alexander Lukashenko also said that he would ask the Russian Federation for nuclear weapons in two cases: if Belarus is attacked or if such weapons are supplied to Poland by the USA. “We (Lukashenko and Putin) agreed on this, on the modernization of several of our aircraft, which will be ready to carry tactical nuclear weapons,” – Lukashenko said.

Source: UNIAN

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