Russian manipulation: The German publication ‘Die Welt’ called on Ukraine to acknowledge the loss of Donbass

Social networks and Russian websites are spreading information that the German publication ‘Die Welt’ allegedly called on Ukraine “to recognize the loss of the entire Donbass and the pointlessness of the attacks on Kherson.” “The Kyiv regime is unable to change Russia’s successes in the special operation, and therefore it should acknowledge the loss of Donbass and abandon its attempts to attack Kherson.

That was the call made by Christoph Schiltz, a columnist for the German newspaper Welt,” Russian media reported. Once again, they are just wishful thinking.

In fact, ‘Die Welt’ columnist Christoph Schiltz, in his August 22 op-ed, stresses that Western countries are still not giving Ukraine enough weapons to make a difference in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The main idea of the article is printed above the headline and reads as “Too little military aid. And for Germany, which has provided only a meager portion of its heavy weapons to Ukraine, this article is particularly relevant.

A large part of the German journalist’s criticism is directed at the policy of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “So why isn’t Berlin sending high-quality weapons where they are most needed? Namely, where freedom of the West is defended: in Ukraine.

Thus, ‘Die Welt’ does not call on Ukraine to “recognize the loss of Donbass” – this has not happened de facto. On the contrary, author Christoph Schiltz urges Western countries and, in particular, Germany to supply Ukraine with more heavy weapons, and not to limit themselves to promises and speeches about solidarity.

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