Max Schlund, partner of pro-Russian activist in Germany failed in a court case

Max Schlund used to be called Rostislav Teslyuk in Russia, the husband of pro-Russian activist Elena Kolbasnikova worked for Cologne/Bonn Airport. He had his reliability clearance revoked. Was it justified? Now a court has decided.

The Administrative Court of Cologne ruled on Wednesday that an employee of Cologne/Bonn Airport was rightfully stripped of his so-called “reliability clearance.” This was reported by the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.” The court has thus upheld a previous decision by the district government, against which the man had filed a lawsuit.

The man is married to the well-known pro-Russian activist and organizer of pro-Russian car convoys, Elena Kolbasnikova. Together, the couple had raised money for the Russian army and personally handed over military supplies to Russian soldiers in the Donbas region in the fall of 2022.

As a result, his employer, the North Rhine-Westphalian Airport, doubted the man’s reliability, and he lost his job in the company’s package delivery service. According to the “Stadt-Anzeiger,” the airport had previously recognized a “progressive radicalization” of the man, who had worked in the airport’s security-related area.

Wife to stand trial in June

The Administrative Court ruled that it is “seriously to be assumed” that the man would be “willing to abuse his security authority at the airport on the instructions of others.” “The applicant’s sense of responsibility and self-control can no longer be assumed,” according to the Administrative Court.

The wife, Elena Kolbasnikova, is also currently facing a trial. On June 6, she will have to answer before the Cologne District Court on charges of approving criminal activities. The originally scheduled date on March 29 was canceled. Nevertheless, Kolbasnikova used the date for a demonstration in front of the district court.

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