Mick Wallace: MEP from Ireland who loves Russia so much. And China too.

Mick Wallace with representative of CCP
Mick Wallace with representative of CCP

Wallace falls to the general category of “anti-imperialists”, basically meaning anti-US and NATO. Together with his close ally, another Irish MP Clare Daly, he is supported Venezuela, China, Russia, Belarus and Syria.

In an interview by a Chinese state-run newspaper, he said that China “takes better care of its people” than the EU. He has downplayed the Uighur concentration camps and called the reports on them “grossly exaggerated”. In 2021 Wallace stated that there is no solid evidence of the existence of these camps.

He’s called the Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya a “pawn of Western neoliberalism”, and Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as an “unelected gobshite”.

He also blamed the Syrian volunteer organization “White Helmets” – who have revealed several atrocities by the al-Assad troops in Syria, including bombings of hospitals – being corrupt and “paid for by the US and UK to carry out regime change in Syria”.

Wallace attempted to wipe out parts about the Russian involvement in the shooting down of MH17, which stirred up some emotions even inside his political party.

He’s also criticized the sanctions imposed on Russian individuals by the US and EU as being illegal and not complying to the UN Charter. He’s also voted against Ukraine aid packages, demands of Putin to withdraw Russia’s troops from Ukraine and against a resolution to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

He also called for peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, but only after Russia’s illegal annexation of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhanks & Zaporizhzhia oblasts – which comes in handy for Russia to freeze status quo and to remain occupied territories under its control.

Interesting that similar to other pro-russian actors, Wallace seems to be very bad with money in general: his company declared bankruptcy on Dec,2016 with debts over 30 million EUR. In 2012 it emerged that his company forgot to pay 2,1 million EUR in taxes. So his interests in collaborating with China and Russia could be based not only on common ideology.

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