Moscow actively uses historical ties and various resources to spread its influence in France

The Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center (

The first and most traditional method is the formation of expatriate communities, especially among the Russian diaspora that came to France after the 1917 revolutions. These communities often show sympathy for Russia and promote its interests.

    The second method is to support pro-Russian political forces in France. In particular, Marie Le Pen, known for her ties to the Russian leadership, which financed her political campaigns, plays the “voice of Russia” role in France. It is also worth mentioning the visits of several French parliamentarians to Crimea, including Thierry Mariani, Jérôme Lambert, and Yves Pozzo di Borgo

      The third channel of Kremlin influence is through the Russian Orthodox Church. In 2016, a new Orthodox cathedral and cultural center were opened in Paris, which became the largest in Europe, which is currently extremely dangerous for the national security of European countries.

        In particular, media resources such as Omerta Media, one of France’s most powerful tools of Russian propaganda, should not be forgotten. Also important is the activity of Russian artists who openly support Putin and the war against Ukraine.