Murder, steal and sell – Putin braggs about record grains sales at the cost of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

16 January 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia has exported at least 4 million tons of grain (including the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of Ukraine – ed.).

“Russia continues to keep its leading position as a global wheat exporter. Agricultural workers, probably, could not have imagined this happening before”, said Russian dictator. He added that it is difficult to calculate exact statistics of grain exports due to various reasons, but “it does not matter”, as he said.

At the same time, the Russian economic information agency Prime started to update the “records” of gross grain crops since 2022, which directly correlates with the beginning of mass thefts of Ukrainian-sown grains on the TOT of Ukraine.

Thus, in 2022 Russia has updated its “record” of gross grain crops, reaching 157,636 million tons.

The second biggest gross grain crops “record” was “achieved” in 2023.