New German air defense systems were prepared for Ukraine

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Oleksiy Makeiev, showcased the IRIS-T air defense systems that Berlin will send to Kyiv. The Ukrainian diplomat published the photos on Twitter.

He noted that additional contracts for the supply of IRIS-T were signed in the town of Überlingen on Lake Constance. “And these blocks/launchers/IRIS-T SLM/SLS missiles will soon be in Ukraine,” Makeiev added.

Recall that on May 13, the German Ministry of Defense officially announced the provision of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 2.7 billion euros, which is the largest package since the Russian invasion.

The aid package includes, among other things, 18 wheeled howitzers, artillery ammunition, guided missiles for air defense systems, 4 IRIS-T SLM anti-aircraft missile systems for air defense, and 12 IRIS-T SLS launchers.

The package also includes 30 Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks and 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, over 100 armored combat vehicles, and over 200 reconnaissance drones.

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