North Korea provides more artillery munitions for Russia than the West for Ukraine

Ukrainian foreign minister stated that despite the fact that Ukraine has significantly increased its own munitions production and will continue to do so, the defense industries of Western partners do not produce and provide a sufficient ammound of artillery ammunition.

Nevertheless, the current level of munitions production by Ukraine does not meet the needs of repelling an unprovoked and aggressive Russian invasion. The same applies to defense industiries of Western partner countries themselves.

The head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine added that as of today North Korea is, in fact,
“a more effective partner for the Russian Federation” (than the West to Ukraine – ed.).

He emphasized that decision-makers should stop theorizing about a possible Russian victory, since Germany and other European countries will be next in the way of future Russian offensive campaigns.

In terms of prospects of supplies of air-to-land Taurus missiles to Ukraine, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy noted that Ukraine does not those missiles for attacks on Moscow and the Russian Federation as a whole. “The country needs Taurus to destroy military infrastructure behind enemy lines on Ukrainian territory”, said Ukrainian foreign minister.

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