Not only the United States: who else can approve Lend-Lease for Ukraine

Lend-Lease can become a catchphrase among Ukraine’s partner countries. When Ukrainians are sacrificing their lives to become an outpost of the civilized world, this world must act as a reliable partner in the supply of weapons.

The revival of Lend-Lease can be called epochal without exaggeration . After all, the United States supported many countries in their liberation wars, but the last time the Lend-Lease was granted only during World War II. The adoption of such a law in 2022 testifies to the enormous support of Ukraine, which, despite the overwhelming forces of the enemy, deserves to repel Russia in its war of aggression. The United States values ​​Ukraine as a state related to values ​​and as one capable of winning this war. But Ukraine needs support due to the significant difference with Russia in military-industrial capacity and mobilization potential.

Also, the creation of the Rammstein-40 coalition was an important step, which, without the participation of the UN, identifies Ukraine’s needs and provides necessary assistance in the fight against Russia. And the leadership in helping Ukraine, which is demonstrated by the United States, Great Britain and Poland, has become a good example for Rammstein-40 participants.

But it has become clear that the war will not end in a week or two. And the enemy still outnumbers the Ukrainian army in the amount of equipment. Therefore, military assistance to Ukraine should not be situational, but permanent. Therefore, the Lend-Lease should become “viral” and inspire the countries of the Anti-Putin coalition to make serious decisions in support of Ukraine, which means a powerful contribution to the struggle of the democratic world against barbaric Russia.

After all, the future generations will remember those who say clearly and loudly – we are on the side of light and good, we are partners of Ukrainians in this bloody war for world freedom.

Given the potential and structure of the military-industrial complex, a similar military support program could be implemented by Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, and even Japan and South Korea.

This decision is especially rational if we pay attention to the narratives coming from Russian state TV channels, where experts and politicians at various levels demand further war in the Baltic States, Poland, the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

Given Russia’s threats to Finland and Sweden for their intentions to join NATO, the program could be seen as a payment for making Russian tanks to stay out of Europe, as they will be stopped in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Allied weapons.

So, we  emphasize again, the new Lend-Leases are not just support for Ukraine in its struggle for independence, but an investment in the security of Europe and the world. Everyone will choose for themselves, but as the practice of World War II has shown, dictators and tyrants must be stopped at the beginning of their wars against civilization. And if you miss this moment, too many countries and people may be at the heart of the war, many of whom will pay with their lives for trying to reconcile the enemy.

 Let’s be more specific: how exactly partners can help Ukraine.


Again, today the Ukrainian government is doing a lot of work to attract military aid. But this work must be collective. The Ukrainian diaspora, for its part, must continue its public work to put pressure on the authorities of the countries where they live, and to convince the citizens of the partner countries that it is necessary to provide significant support for Ukraine.

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