Open sky. Russian air defense is failing war in Ukraine 

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine laid bare all the problems of today’s Russian military industry that was glorified and aggrandized by the Russian propaganda machine. On April 25, two large oil depots in Bryansk were destroyed by missile strikes, and on April 26, an ammunition depot exploded in Belgorod, western Russia close to the border with Ukraine. These are not the first cases of destruction of Russia’s military and critical infrastructure through missile strikes.
Белгород – в Минобороны прокомментировали обвинения в причастности Украины  к пожару на нефтебазе » Слово и Дело
Since the beginning of the war, the Russian air defenses have also missed an attack on the oil depot in Belgorod, the airfields in Taganrog and Milerovo, and two ships, the Saratov Landing Ship Tank and the Moskva flagship cruiser.
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For years, Kremlin propagandists have been creating the myth of the power of Russian-made weapons, including S-400 anti-aircraft systems. They fell pray of that very myth when the Russian command decided to invade Ukraine. Believing in the own propagandists’ statements and overestimating their own strength, the Kremlin put Russian cities around Ukraine under attack while failing to ensure the security of the people living there. 

Thus, Ukraine has destroyed this propaganda myth about the modern air defense of the Russians, because it is not capable of a closed sky, even against the older weapons. It seems that nothing has changed since the flight of Matthias Rust who in 1987, flew from Germany to Moscow on a light plane and landed on the Red Square, bypassing all Soviet air defenses. 

Reinforcing Ukraine with new models of weapons, Allied and NATO countries will enable Ukraine to confront the enemy even more effectively and to bring to the world an important victory over the terrorist Putin.
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