Operational information on 24.00, 09.03.2022 regarding the Russian Invasion

Ukraine’s defense forces are repelling and holding back the offensive of the russian armed forces in all directions.
In some of them, the occupying forces lost their combat capability and put reserves into operation. In order to increase its combat capabilities, the enemy moves units and military units from other strategic directions to the borders of Ukraine.
The Republic of Belarus provides support to the occupier in ensuring the supply of fuel and oil, the use of railway infrastructure and airfield network.
Sabotage of military and civilian infrastructure remains likely.
The russian federation is not abandoning plans to encircle Kyiv, continuing the offensive operation in the Polissya and Siversky directions.
In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy attacked the settlements of Izyum, Petrovske, Hrushuvakha, as well as the cities of Sumy and Okhtyrka.
The enemy offensive also continues in the Donetsk and Tavriya directions.
The enemy increases grouping of troops in the Mykolayiv direction.
In the Black Sea and Azov operational zones, the occupiers continue to isolate the area of ​​hostilities. Naval groups of the russian armed Forces are located in the areas of Cape Tarkhankut and Lake Donuzlav.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine, in coordinated cooperation with other components of the security and defense sector of the state and the forces of national resistance, are restraining the massive offensive of the occupying forces.
We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

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