Poland to increase pressure on Russian agents after cyberattack

Poland is to restrict the movement of Russian diplomats on the grounds that Russia is engaging in hybrid warfare targeting Poland and the European Union, Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski announced in Brussels on May 28. Sikorski said a diplomatic note to this effect would soon be sent to the Russian embassy in Warsaw.

The restrictions will not apply to the Russian ambassador but to all other diplomats working at the embassy and at consulates, who will be restricted to the regions around their respective locations. “I hope that Russia will understand this as an extremely serious warning,” Sikorski said.

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The Polish government attributes cyberattacks and several large fires to Russian intelligence agencies. According to information from Prime Minister Donald Tusk, 12 people accused of sabotage, have been arrested over the past week. Poland functions as a key logistics hub for Western support for Ukraine and has drawn a hostile response from Russia as a result.

Russia has long and repeatedly used diplomatic status as a cover for its agents. Using immunity, they are involved in reconnaissance and sabotage at important logistics or military facilities. For example, that was the case during the explosions in Vrbětice ammunition depots on October 16 and December 3, 2014. Under current Kremlin regime every citizen of the Russian Federation, let alone a government official, is a potential spy or assassin. In this case Polish government step could be an example for the rest of European countries.

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