Polish-Belarusian Border: Two Polish Border Guards Hospitalized During Migrant Surge

Over the past two days, more than 300 illegal migrants have tried to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border – as a result of the aggressive actions of illegal immigrants, two Polish border guards have been hospitalized. Senior Warrant Officer Michal Bura of the Border Guard issued a statement, as reported by RMF FM.

Tensions have escalated at the Poland-Belarus border recently, with an increased number of migrants being sent to the area.

The Podlasie region has witnessed 307 individuals attempting to cross the border illegally, with an additional three attempts reported in the Nadbuzhany section. These migrants, described as aggressive by Bura, have repeatedly clashed with Polish border guards, leading to the injuries and subsequent hospitalization of two servicemen.

The threat to the EU and NATO’s eastern border remains high. Belarus (backed by Russia) continues multi-faceted hybrid operations aimed at destabilizing the situation in Europe

The Podlasie department of the Border Guard Service has documented over 6,000 illegal crossing attempts since the beginning of May, a significant increase from the 5,300 attempts recorded in April.

On May 29, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland released a draft resolution that would temporarily ban access to a number of areas in the border zone with Belarus.

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