Pro-Russian Agents Unite Diverse Groups in Germany to Protest Against Aid to Ukraine in Ramstein

On Feb 26, a large demonstration is scheduled to take place near the Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where people of different political affiliations and beliefs are expected to gather. The participants range from right-wing members of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party to leftist members of the Die Linke party, as well as members of smaller political groups like Basic Democratic Party.

The attendees also include various groups of pacifists and individuals who are opposed to the American occupation of Germany, such as Werra TV. Despite their differences, the one thing that unites most of these demonstrators is their dislike of the United States and their affection for Russia.

The organizers of the demonstration are pro-Russian agents who were revealed in a recent investigation by Reuters. The key coordinator of the demonstration is Olena Kolbasnikova, whose phone number – +49 17660485671 – is listed on the poster distributed by the participants (see picture below).

Protest' poster with Kolbasnikova phone number on it

Interestingly, the phone number leads to a Telegram account where Kolbasnikova’s avatar glorifies Russian imperial symbols such as the St. George ribbon and features Russian signs and slogans from the war against Ukraine.

Picture for Kolbasnokova telegram account

Kolbasnikova, along with her husband Rostislav Tesliuk (a former officer of the Russian Air Force who changed his name to Max Schlund after moving to Germany), have been organizing similar protests at least since September, demanding an end to aid for Ukraine in its war with Russia. They have managed to gather tens of thousands of people from Cologne to Berlin who are opposed to arms aid for Ukraine.

It is not just Kolbasnikova and Tesliuk who are working on behalf of Russia in Germany. Several security guards at the pro-Russian rallies are members of “Russian Cossacks” organizations, and one of the most vocal agitators at these events is Oleg Yeremenko, a construction company executive from Berlin who was previously an officer in Russia’s military intelligence.

These agents are working tirelessly to use the democratic right to protest in order to achieve their goal: to weaken, and ultimately stop, military aid to Ukraine. Their efforts are part of a broader campaign by the Russian government to undermine Western institutions and interests.

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