Pro-Russian association in Germany advocates for ease of sanctions against Russia

Intelligence services of the EU countries, namely Germany, France, and Italy, report that some German public organizations are under the influence of Russian propaganda and actively promote anti-American and anti-NATO sentiments in society, and have recently been actively promoting the idea of disarming Ukraine in the war against Russia.

On November 19 in Berlin, it was planned to hold rallies under the slogan “Against the war in Ukraine and for disarmament”. The organizers of this event were the pro-Russian association “Mirnyi dvizhenie” (Peaceful movement), which from the very beginning of its foundation (1989) promoted pro-Russian narratives in Germany.

Members of the mentioned organization demand to significantly reduce support of Ukraine, as well as to reduce the defense budget of Germany as a whole. Thus, the organizers will impose the idea that it was the militaristic and aggressive policy of the West towards Russia, as well as NATO’s approach to the borders of Russia that caused Russia’s full-scale armed invasion of Ukraine.

To de-escalate the situation, the German government will be required to stop providing military and technical assistance to Ukraine and facilitate the organization of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

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