Pseudo-pacifist calls for peace are growing in Germany – Melnyk

There is a growing pseudo-pacifist demand for peace in Germany, with new calls for negotiations and a truce constantly appearing, as Germans lack imagination on how to defeat Russia, former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany and now Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

There is a widespread belief among Germans that sooner or later they will have to come to an agreement, the official said. “In the end, many in political circles doubt victory on the battlefield. Therefore, our task is to mobilise society as much as possible, to explain that only through increased support with weapons can we put a full stop to this aggression,” Melnyk said.

According to him, today the Germans are rightly proud to have provided us with several billion euros in aid. “This is really a quantum leap, because we started with five thousand helmets, and even then we had a hard time,” Melnyk said, noting that Ukrainians are very grateful for this. “But when I was working in Germany, I always tried to see this aid in comparison with others. In relative terms, the Germans provided us with military aid, which is only one tenth of one per cent of GDP. Estonia, on the other hand, gave us one per cent more weapons, which is ten times more,” he explained.

“Therefore, if you, dear German friends, really want your country to be a leader, you have to do more than others. Not one, but one and a half or two per cent of GDP. And so non-stop until we win. And not because we are so poor and unfortunate victims, but because it is in the national interest of Germany itself and other partners,” the Deputy Minister stressed.

“We need to build our media work in such a way that our allies feel that they have not made a handout or an act of goodwill, but a solid investment in their own security and defence capability of Europe. If you invest these tens of billions of euros today, you won’t have to spend hundreds of billions later, when the war is already on Germany’s doorstep,” said Andriy Melnyk.

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