Putin met fake mothers of mobilized soldiers: the dictator fears meeting its people

On November 25, the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin allegedly held a meeting with the mothers of the Russian military and mobilized men for the war in Ukraine. 

In Russia everything is fake

However, we’re used to knowing that in Russia, everything is fake. Fake news, fake public opinions through counterfeit polls, and paid trolls on the internet. And phony referendums with fake observers, and a fake 2nd army in the world, defeated in Ukraine, which the same Russian fake news and propaganda channels called “a failed state.” Well, this happened again.

The women meeting Putin were not mothers of soldiers. It’s a fake; how could it be different? They have played various roles in videos from the Kremlin and on state propaganda TV. 

More precisely, perhaps some of them have children fighting, but the women themselves are a proven actors’ team of the Kremlin. They were spotted playing other roles on the Moscow propaganda TV. And we will see the proof here below.

Independent journalists and social media users noticed that the mothers of mobilized soldiers present at the meeting with Putin were somehow involved in Russian politics or proven participants of propaganda events, Channel 24 reported.

Who was at the meeting with the dictator

Olga Beltsova, a Moscow official and a member of Putin’s United Russia party, told the dictator about the problems of Russian mobilized soldiers. She pretended to be the mother of a mobilized soldier. 

Also, at the meeting with the dictator, Yulia Belekhova was the head of the regional executive committee of the All-Russian organization “People’s Front “For Russia.”

Another character is Olesya Shygina. The woman is the director of the French representative office of a copper smelting company. She also writes poetry and directs Orthodox films.

One of the most interesting characters at the meeting with the dictator is Nadezhda Uzunova. She is probably already a permanent employee of the Kremlin propaganda TV. She is an adviser to the head of Khakassia and works part-time for the propaganda media.

Uzunova was in the crowd at the concert in honor of the annexation of the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions in Ukraine. And now, almost two months after this wild performance, she came to another. The only thing that has not changed is her clothes. The uniform is like this.

What Putin said at the meeting with fake mothers of mobilized

While all over the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, in Russia – on November 27, on the eve of the holiday, the dictator decided to make a “gift” and meet with the alleged mothers of the military, but there were some fakes as well.

In addition to the fact that Putin’s “pocket mothers” were checked in the hall, Putin also began to tell them nonsense that he spoke with mobilized soldiers – to support their morale allegedly.

It is key that the Kremlin was afraid to invite the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers to the meeting, which has long been dealing with violations of the rights of Russian citizens during conscription. The dictator fears meeting its people and the true mothers of soldiers. Everything must be fake and staged in the fake empire until its fall.

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