Putin says that Russia’s atrocities in Bucha are fake, and Lukashenko says that it is “British special operation”

At a press conference in the Amur region, President Vladimir Putin called the report on the mass deaths of civilians in Bucha at the hands of Russian servicemen a “fake.” 

As reported by Censor.NET with reference to Interfax.

“The same “fake” was organized in the Ukrainian Bucha as was the case with chemical weapons in Syria,” Putin said.

Moreover, Putin claims that Alexander Lukashenko, who seized power in Belarus, allegedly handed him some documents about what happened.

“These documents were handed over to the FSB – how, who – they have the appropriate interceptions – on what transport came to this settlement and created the conditions for the organization of this provocation,” – says Putin.

In turn, Lukashenko said that the massacre in Bucha, which was staged by the Russian military, was allegedly a special operation by the British.

“It’s like in Bucha… We just discussed this policy – everyone is shouting, well, we had to introduce another package (sanctions. – Ed.), We know that. We discussed in detail their psychological special operation conducted by the British,” – said the Belarusian dictator. 

“If only Russia was a little late with the military operation, they were preparing to inflict a devastating blow on the territory of Russia, as they believed, and on neighboring areas,” he added.

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