Putin understands his mobilization’s failure – British intelligence

Vladimir Putin admitted that Russia failed to mobilize in time, according to British intelligence. The dictator of Russia acknowledged the issues that emerged in the first week after his mobilization declaration. The British Ministry of Defense posted this statement on Twitter.

According to British intelligence, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the National Security Council on September 29 about the “partial mobilization” he declared on September 21. He claims that a lot of questions come up throughout this campaign, and it’s important to fix problems right away to avoid facing them in future.

According to experts, Putin’s quick understanding of the issues emphasizes how futile the mobilization during the first week was. Most likely, Russian officials in the regions are unaware of the exact nature and legal foundation of the campaign. They probably certainly recruited people who did not meet Putin’s and the Ministry of Defense’s standards.

Russian local officials are probably attempting to offer training and identify leaders to command the new batallions as conscripted reservists continue to assemble in tented transit camps, British intelligence assessed.

Regular Russian army suffered sever losses in its invasion into Ukraine, and is not apparently able to continue the war without reinforcement by mobilised Russians.

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