Rally in support of Ukraine

When: March 10 and 11, 11 am both days

Where: France, Palace of Versailles

The fate of Ukraine and the whole of Europe is being decided
Come and demand Ukraine’s accession to the EU

A crucial moment has come for the future of Ukraine and the future of the whole of Europe. Putin is trying to destroy our European future, to force Ukraine back into Moscow’s sphere of influence. But they will not succeed. That is why Ukraine has applied for the immediate accession to the EU. This decision will ruin Russia’s plans!

Today Ukraine deserves membership in the European Union as much as other EU countries. We have already won this right with our courage and willingness to defend our common values ​​with arms in hand.

There are still skeptics in the EU leadership who are true to their old habit, doubting the prospects of Ukraine’s membership. But millions of Europeans are on our side today. We need to change the minds of members of governments who are still in doubt. We have to prove that the European Union will become stronger with Ukraine in its composition because Ukraine is a real leader of the free world today.

The full mobilization of all Ukrainians in EU countries is needed today. The Versailles Summit will take place on March 10-11 in the context of France’s presidency of the Council of the EU. We must be next to the walls of the summit in these historic days and demand Ukraine’s accession to the EU. The fate of Ukraine and the whole of Europe are being decided now. A mass action in support of Ukraine will show the European leaders that the time has come to make historic decisions! Come and support the European Ukraine!

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