Referendum with tank muzzles pointed at people. Russia wants to annex another region of Ukraine

The Russian occupiers are preparing for a “referendum” in the Kherson region (southern Ukraine), where residents are supposed to vote for the creation of a separate people’s republic.

This is the standard method of occupation using the creation of a quasi-republic through a referendum with tanks pointed at voters. The Russians have already used this to legalize the occupation of Crimea and Donbas in 2014 (creation of the so-called DNR and LNR).

The scenario includes the election of “leaders of the republic” from local collaborators, and a mass rally (usually imported from the regions of the Russian Federation), which under the protection of the occupying forces will create a picture for the Russian media, broadcast voting in a number of open polling stations.

Just to recap, more than 30% of inhabitants of the region left the area. Those who remain are forced to remain at risk of violence. The “referendum” does not allow the admission of international observers.

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