“Rosatom” Earns Record $16 Billion Abroad Due to Absence of Sanctions

The Russian state corporation “Rosatom,” which has managed to evade sanctions, increased its revenue from international operations to a record $16 billion in 2023.

This was reported by Rosatom’s CEO Alexey Likhachev in the State Duma, as cited by the Russian “Kommersant.”

Rosatom’s CEO Alexey Likhachev

He specified that the total revenue of the state corporation last year amounted to 2.5 trillion rubles. Thus, operations abroad accounted for more than half of Rosatom’s revenue (almost 1.5 trillion rubles at the current exchange rate). In 2022, the Russian state conglomerate “Rosatom” increased its foreign revenue by 20% to $11 billion.

Likhachev reminded that enterprises of the defense-industrial complex “Rosatom” are involved in the production of Russian weapons. However, the share of civilian products produced by them last year was 52%, added the head of Rosatom.

As reported, Ukraine consistently calls on the EU and the US to impose sanctions against Russia’s nuclear industry, but this has not yet happened. According to media reports, EU sanctions against Russian nuclear energy are being blocked by France, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

At the same time, Hungarian officials consistently promise not to allow the imposition of any sanctions against “Rosatom,” which is building new units of nuclear power plants in the country with Russian credit.

Furthermore, Russia uses “Rosatom” to bypass sanctions – through it, the country manages to purchase electronics and raw materials for weapons production, as reported by The Washington Post.

It is worth noting that in early February 2023, President Volodymyr Zelensky put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to impose economic sanctions on the Russian corporation “Rosatom” and 199 companies within the structure of this corporation.

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