Russia has a stronger position than a year before, mainly impute to support from DPRK and China, and Ukraine is less stronger due to Western weakness 

Currently, the Russia is in a “stronger position” in the war against Ukraine than in 2023.  This statement was made by Nils Andreas Stensens, Norway’s military intelligence chief. 

He says that Russia is adapting to sanctions ‘better than expected’.  Russia gains military advantage in Ukraine due to larger military reserves and material support from countries like North Korea and China, Iran and Belarus.

Nils Andreas Stensens emphasized that Moscow can “mobilize approximately three times more troops” than Ukraine – as reported by BR24. He mentioned that China does not supply weapons, but “machines, vehicles, electronics and spare parts” that are useful for Russia’s defense industry.

According to Stensens, Kyiv will need significant military assistance from the West to have any hope of changing the situation.

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