Russell Bentley, Texan pro-Putin fighter and Russian propagandist found decapitated in Russian-controlled Donetsk

Texan Russell Bentley was found decapitated in Petrovskiy district of Donetsk (temporary occupied territory of Ukraine) at 10 AM, 14 April 2024.

Beside his beheaded corpse were found Bentley’s passport with registration in Donetsk, Makarov pistol, credit cards and his wallet.

He used to fight for the pro-Russian militia battalion “Vostok”.

Russell Bentley went missing on 8 April 2024.

Russell Bentley, 63, who is married to a Russian woman and has a passport from his adopted country, disappeared after an attack by Defense Force of Ukraine, according to reports. He was last seen in Donetsk on 8 April before moving in an ‘unknown direction’, and his current location is unknown.

Bentley has posted that he was ‘heading west with the Liberators of Ukraine. We may stop in Kiev, we may stop on the English Channel. We may liberate the USA.’

In 1999 he escaped from a minimum security US facility where he was being held for drug trafficking. I didn’t have to dig a tunnel or take anybody hostage. But I did escape from prison’, Bentley said. He was later captured and put in a high security facility to finish his sentence.

He became a fighter for pro-Putin forces in 2014 after breaking up with his yoga-instructor girlfriend, though he spoke almost no Russian.

He called himself the information warrior and had worked for a media outlet affiliated with Sputnik, a Russian state media outlet.

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