Russia asks India to help supply spare parts and equipment

Moscow has sent India a list of more than 500 items for potential supply, including spare parts for cars, planes, and trains, as sanctions limit Russia’s ability to keep vital industries running. Reuters reported this, citing its sources.

The list is preliminary, and it is unclear what items will eventually be exported and in what quantities. However, a source in the Indian government said the request was unusual in its scope.

India is concerned about potential violation of anti-Russia sanctions

India is keen to boost trade with Russia. However, some companies have expressed concern about a potential violation of Western sanctions.

An industry source in Moscow said that the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade had asked large companies to provide lists of raw materials and equipment they need. Further discussion will be required to agree on specifications and ensure that the scope is more comprehensive than in India.

Russian “wishlist” 

Russia’s requests were made a few weeks before Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar’s visit to Moscow on November 7. 

The list consists of 14 pages. Russia is requesting about 200 items in the field of metallurgy and many components for the automotive and aviation industries: pistons, oil pumps and ignition coils, bumpers, seat belts, chassis components, fuel systems, communication and fire fighting systems, life jackets, and aircraft tires.

The Russian list also mentions raw materials for producing paper and consumer packaging and materials and equipment for making textiles, including fabric and dyes.

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