Russia Continues Conducting Disinformation Campaigns against France

The Russian Federation and France are at loggerheads over the content of a high-level call between Sergei Shoigu and Sébastien Lecornu. Paris asserts that the call was related to the shared fight against terrorism, but Moscow claims that the ministers also had a discussion over possible negotiations on the war in Ukraine.

The French official stressed that the objective of the call was to discuss terrorism, and there was not any statement that France was open to negotiate on Ukraine. Moreover, the Kremlin used the opportunity to threaten France. After the call, Russia hinted at an alleged participation of French secret services in the Crocus attack in Moscow. The Russian Federation continues pinning the attack on Ukraine, providing the external and internal audiences with no proof.

“The Kyiv regime doesn’t do anything without a nod from its Western backers. We hope that, in this case, the French secret services aren’t behind it,” said Shoigu on Wednesday.

Emmanuel Macron denied the entire readout from Moscow on Thursday, calling it “baroque and menacing comments”. Furthermore, Lecornu called on Moscow to put an end to its “manipulation” of the Crocus attack, stating that “France had no information linking the attack to Ukraine.” Former French defense minister and current envoy to Lebanon, Jean-Yves Le Drian, asserted that France faced total manipulation and the instrumentalization of terrorism for the propaganda objectives pursued by the Russian Federation.

Since Macron has shifted from seeking for a diplomatic solution to calling for victory of Ukraine over the Russian Federation, France began facing increased Russian disinformation campaigns, defaming Brigitte Macron and accusing France and Poland of having intentions to dismember Ukraine.

The Russian Federation continues applying the dirtiest tactics to blame France and other EU states for their support for Ukraine, and it is another proof that the rogue state should be deprived of any capability to continue waging a war against Ukraine.

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