Russia has the largest losses compared to all the occupation wars it has waged!

In the military operation in Afghanistan, the USSR lost about 15,000 soldiers in 10 years, while according to some military experts and even Russian military bloggers, the occupation army lost about 17,000 soldiers in the battle for Avdiivka alone.
And this is just one episode of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

In total, the Russian military has lost as many troops in the two years of war against Ukraine as it had at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless, the Russians mobilized and increased production and managed to restore the lost potential. At the beginning of 2022, the Russian contingent consisted of more than a hundred battalion tactical groups that entered the territory of our country.

This was reported by the UK Ministry of Defense on the social network X. According to the agency’s intelligence, the Russians have deployed approximately 130 battalion tactical groups to invade Ukraine.
In terms of numbers, this means about 1,300 tanks, more than 5,000 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and armored personnel carriers (APCs). At least 100,000 Russian troops came to fight against Ukrainians.

“For two years of conflict. Russian losses match, and in many cases exceed, those of its original force. Confirmed Russian losses include more than 2,700 tanks and 5,000 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. The number of killed and wounded in Russia is likely to be around 350,000,” the report said.

Despite the huge losses, the Russians compensated for them. To do this, Putin’s regime mobilized and increased production to send more and more soldiers to a guaranteed death.

According to official figures from the Ukrainian side, the Russians have lost more than 400,000 soldiers (dead and wounded). Therefore, every square meter of Ukrainian land costs the Russians the lives of their military.

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