Russia intensified propaganda in Sweden 

Photo: Euractiv

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson warned his citizens not to become victims of Kremlin propaganda after the Russian media spread fake news that his country plans to allow NATO to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory in peacetime. 

Kristersson told the annual Folk national defense conference that peacetime deployment of nuclear weapons on Swedish territory had not been discussed.

However, several Russian media outlets mistakenly reported that he said the opposite, meaning that Stockholm would allow nuclear weapons in peacetime.

According to a high-ranking Swedish participant who asked not to be named, the Russian media reports were circulated via social media even by “very decent citizens.

How Russian agents distort information

Kristersson said his message to “fellow Swedes” is to be very careful and avoid spreading fake information on social media.

The Swedish left has historically been against joining NATO. However, when the war in Ukraine made joining the Alliance popular, the Swedish Social Democrats changed course, alienating many of their supporters while sowing deep divisions among the left.

As the high-level speaker explained, it would have been impossible to change Sweden’s course without neighboring Finland’s stronger desire to join NATO.

Russia is seeking way to undermine support from NATO 

Therefore, it is likely that Russia is seeking to undermine support for NATO membership for the two Scandinavian countries at a time when both Turkey and Hungary are still refraining from ratifying their membership applications.

It is not the first time that Russian agents have spread fake information and sent their spies to Sweden or any other country in the European region to destroy or damage lands from within with their narratives, fake information, or other pro-Kremlin ideas.

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