Russia is the biggest exile from the Olympics in history

Russia has always been an underdog at the Olympics. The reason is simple – wars, conflicts, violence, totalitarianism.

As a result, both the Olympic Committee and neighbouring countries have always punished and humiliated the Russians in one way or another. This situation is to be repeated at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

In this text, we’d like to remind you of two things. Firstly, Russia has always been involved in various scandals and boycotts at the Olympic Games. At least for that it should be disqualified for many years, because history doesn’t teach it.

Secondly, both the Olympic Committee and the participating countries have repeatedly punished Russia and shown it its place. Therefore, the 2024 Olympic Games shouldn’t be an exception. Finally, Russia must be punished for its terrorist actions and genocide in Ukraine.

The tolerance of the citizens of the Russian Federation towards the actions of their army makes them collectively responsible for the war against Ukraine. Moreover, among Russian athletes, most are military personnel who have military ranks and awards. So it’s not a case of “participation without a flag”, but a complete disqualification.

It’s better without a flag than with the flag of Russia

At the London Olympics in 1908, teams marched under state flags for the first time. At that time, Finland was part of the Russian Empire. The Russian Empire refused to participate in the parade, and Finland was forbidden to perform under the Finnish national flag.

The Finns then decided that it would be better to boycott the Russian tricolour and do without a flag altogether. After all, it’s better without a flag than with the flag of Russia.

Non-recognition of Russia

After the First World War, the IOC didn’t recognize the power of Soviet Russia at all. That is why it didn’t invite its athletes to the 1920 Games in Antwerp.

It’s better not to contact Russia

Before the 1924 Olympics, the IOC wanted no contact with the new state – the USSR. But he was also afraid to ignore them. Then they decided to act through intermediaries.

The French Workers’ Sports and Gymnastics Federation handed over the USSR official invitation to the Olympic Games to the Supreme Council of Physical Culture. After this humiliation, the USSR refused to go to Paris-1924.

Countries defend democracy even at competitions

The Hungarian uprising of 1956 was put down harshly by Soviet troops. The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland decided to boycott the Melbourne Games to protest the action USSR. And the match between the water polo teams of USSR and Hungary at the 1956 Olympics ended in a bloody battle.

A complete boycott

The peak of the Olympic boycott coincided with the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The games in USSR were ignored by many democratic countries in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In total, athletes from 65 countries boycotted the 1980 Olympics in one form or another.

Ignoring Russia

Four years later, USSR decided to take revenge on the Americans by boycotting the Los Angeles Olympics. And he dragged other friendly countries with him. However, the teams of Romania, Yugoslavia and China refused to support the Soviet Union and participated in the 1984 Games.

Doping scandal

Doping scandal Russia was partially banned from participating in the 2016 Summer Olympics due to the state-sponsored doping scandal. Russia has the most athletes caught doping at the Olympics, more than 150.

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