Russia is trying to discredit the Armed Forces and Ukraine through its agents in the West – DIU

To conduct information operations, Russians created their network abroad even before the beginning of large-scale armed aggression. Special services of the partner countries are still identifying people who are either agents of Russia or “agents of influence of Russia”. This was stated by the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Andrii Cherniak, the DIU press service reports.

“The Russians are working with the media to conduct information operations, such as the fictitious sale of Western weapons by Ukraine or the use of a “dirty bomb” by our Armed Forces,” Andriy Cherniak said.

According to Andriy Chernyak, the Russians are very interested in blocking the supply of weapons from our partners, because they understand that without their military-technical assistance it will be very difficult for Ukraine.

“Russians spend millions of dollars to finance this particular information campaign to counteract the flow of weapons. It is large-scale and so far ineffective. Nevertheless, the terrorist country does not abandon attempts to influence European countries, in particular Great Britain, the German society,” explained the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

He specified that Russians are trying to prevent the supply of weapons to Ukraine by any means. Space intelligence, agent network, and all means of political and economic blackmail are involved.

“Information attacks through the media are only one component of a large-scale information operation to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of the Western world,” said Andriy Chernyak.

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