Russia “takes passports” from citizens who criticize the war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed amendments to a bill allowing the Kremlin to strip passports from unborn citizens who criticize the war in Ukraine, it was reported.

The amendments, introduced as Russian troops withdrew from the critical city of Kherson, would reportedly apply to Ukrainians who received Russian passports during Moscow’s occupation, the independent Meduza news agency reported.

The actions that will be considered a crime are “discrediting the Russian army,” “spreading fake news,” and “participation in the activities of an undesirable organization,” the report said.

Kremlin officials have repeatedly said that Russia’s enemies, such as the United States and its Western allies, are spreading false information to sow discord among Russians.

Earlier this year, the Russian parliament passed laws criminalizing protests against the war in Ukraine and “discrediting” the Russian army.

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