Russia will be launching rockets into space with a trampoline.

Russia is resorting to metaphorical trampolines for space launches as Roscosmos faces a staggering loss of 180 billion rubles ($1.96 billion), a direct consequence of global sanctions and severed collaborations following its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Yuri Borisov, the corporation’s chief, revealed the grim financial reality. “A hefty portion of our 230 billion ruble contracts, precisely 180 billion, was tied to so-called ‘unfriendly’ nations. This includes crucial engine supplies and launch services. As a result, an enormous sum of 180 billion rubles has effectively vanished from our export revenue,” Borisov stated. He grimly forecasts that Roscosmos will incur substantial losses by the end of 2023, painting a bleak picture of the corporation’s financial health.

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