Russia will use the church to legitimize its war in the world – Polish special services

Polish intelligence says that Russia will use the Orthodox Church around the world to make its war against Ukraine seem more legitimate. This was stated by Stanislaw Zaryn, Deputy Minister-Coordinator of the Polish Intelligence Services.

“We should expect that the Orthodox Church will be used internationally to legitimize the war and to divide and radicalize Western communities where the church works.”

 “This is a typical “modus operandi” used for hybrid attacks against Western countries,” Zharyn said.

He emphasized that Vladimir Gundyaev, who calls himself “Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church,” has been a functionary of the Russian regime for many years and that he is “a man of power with a very important function for the regime.”

Zharyn said that Gundyaev’s actions are an attempt to use religious manipulation to bring people together, to show Russian aggressive imperialism as a “struggle between good and evil,” and to distort the image of Russia, which he shows as a “haven of moral values.”

Polish intelligence says that it is telling that the Russian Orthodox Church recently released letters from patriarchs from different countries. These letters were used to show that Orthodox communities outside of Russia support Russia’s actions against Ukraine.

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