Russian Black PsyOps Set to Undermine Support to Ukraine

Russia is trying to undermine international support of Ukraine amid planned offence operations. One of the main problems to solve for Russia is weapons supply to Ukraine by Allies and partners. Russia failed to disrupt supply by destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure with missile strikes. Next try is to seed distrust of Ukraine among international partners using Black PsyOps.

Russia is preparing for a new informational information war against Ukraine.

The Russian command understands that Ukraine will not be able to resist effectively without international support.

That is why it is extremely important for the Kremlin to undermine Western support for Kyiv and to reduce or stop arms supplies.

To do this, the Kremlin is consistently holding informational actions to form a negative image of Ukraine. The main narrative is that Ukraine is a terrorist organization worse than ISIS that does not comply with International Humanitarian Law.

So, a few weeks ago, a few fake videos were spread, which showed the abuse of prisoners by the alleged Ukrainian military.

It is concerning how Russia is creating and orchestrating a special pattern of spreading information. First, an article or video appears on the specially created channel. Then, it is shared simultaneously on several social platforms or low-level media. After that, a special network of fake accounts prepared in advance do the sharing on social networks. But what’s more concerning, in pro-Russian social media there is a special instruction on how to share this information among Western journalists, activists and politicians. They even give detailed lists of contacts – like emails, cellphones, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – for each country that has been providing assistance for Ukraine. So, Kremlin tries to exert influence on public opinion in the West.

With explicit graphic content, Moscow tries to push a narrative that Ukraine is allegedly similar to IDIL or even worse. That is an example of a “reflection” pattern – just a few days ago, the Ukrainian MFA compared the massacre in Bucha and Irpin to crimes made by ISIS. So, Kremlin tried to undermine these claims by turning the accusations to Ukraine.

Unfortunately, we can expect more similar BLACK PSYOPS by Russia. The West should understand the real nature of this fake news and mailings.

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