Russian disinformation and Leena Hietanen’s contribution 

Leena Hietanen is a quite prominent journalist who wrote for some of the most popular newspapers in Finland and is working for Russian propaganda.

At some point Leena’s brain circuits went haywire, and she became berserk Russian apologists. Hietanen hates Finland and Estonia’s culture and politics. Already back in 2008, she wrote a book called “Estonia’s cold war”, which criticized Estonian politics regarding RU minorities.

Leena refused to recognize the Soviet occupation of Estonia. She called the Estonian people “criminally stupid” on Finn national TV and wrote a pamphlet on Estonian media where she called it “fasist apartheid country.” 

Hietanen is a rabid supporter of RU invasion of Ukraine and mostly appearing on Johan Bäckman’s stream.

Leena & Johan have established an association called “Finnish Antifascist Committee”, which supports most fascist regimes around the world. This committee has for example suggested, that terrorist attacks have been planned in Finland and these people are connected with al-Qaida.

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