Russian propaganda begins a campaign to justify the use of nuclear weapons

Russia has repeatedly threatened the world with a nuclear strike. Whether it’s the eccentric statements of the already dead Zhirinovsky when he said he would wipe the United States off to ashes, as well as bringing nuclear weapons into combat readiness on Putin’s orders.

Now Kremlin bloggers are beginning to write that the use of nuclear weapons is possible and even necessary.

Translation of the text from the Facebook page of Kremlin blogger Alexander Gorny:

It’s just a look at what’s going on and nothing more. You may like it or not, but I’m afraid it’s all about it.

Surrender of Ukraine or a nuclear strike?

Russia’s demonization is simply monstrous. The Western media are trying to show Russia in the blackest colors and it is useless to argue here, so as not to say everything is turned upside down and covered in black paint.

I watched a couple of Western media commenting on the Ukrainian missile strike on Kramatorsk and the guilty party is Russia again. And Zelensky and his fluffy company shoot and bomb with only roses and violets. To complete the picture, it is not enough to draw Russians with fangs smeared with blood, but I am sure that the flight of thought of Ukrainian media managers will allow them to draw not only fangs, but also the baby bodies on them, so that the whole world will believe.

At the same time, the United States and the company are ready to inflate Ukraine with weapons. For what? Will this stop this story or raise it up? The United States does not need peace in Ukraine as Ukraine is considered exclusively as a training ground for war with Russia by Ukrainian hands.

It is obvious that in current circumstances all the preconditions are being created for raising the degree, mass provocations by Ukraine, the death of civilians and a very real nuclear strike to cool hot heads down. So sorry, politicians are not able to think in such conditions in terms of us, the people, and the local use of nuclear weapons is not far away. This is exactly what the United States and Europe are pushing Russia’s political leadership to do.

Is the world ready for such a story? I am afraid that ordinary people in Europe do not, but politicians do. At one time, Vladimir Putin gave the example of a rat cornered, so we are stubbornly made into this very rat, which the crowd is chasing into the corner with the sticks of sanctions. Does only the crowd understand, what are the possible consequences of this?

I look at the mood of the people around me, many previously far from politics, who are tired of what is happening and more than once I hear the phrase in one interpretation or another – “Got it. It is necessary to scrape them well once, so that they fall off. “

Many do not understand their words, they have more emotions and fatigue, but they describe a possible scenario subconsciously.

Is there a way out? There is a way out, but I’m afraid that there are not so many recipes for getting out of this situation. Which ones?

Signing of Ukraine’s full surrender.

A blow with a very powerful weapon on one of the pain points.

And there is no third option.

Without the signing of Ukraine’s surrender, we are all doomed, Ukraine and Russia are doomed to further casualties. Zelensky understands this very well, but his puppeteers are only focused on raising the degree. So the comrade will fight to the last Ukrainian, which is what the United States wants from him.

The possibility of a nuclear strike sounds awful to many, but in the current situation it is no longer difficult to talk about the awful with all its nuances. It’s scary to say we’re used to it.

I do not fully understand why the issue with the comedian can’t be resolved by one or more point hits. Probably, this is a big policy, but it is also one of the possible scenarios that will help to put if not a point, then a three dots.

Meanwhile, we are only at the beginning of the global crisis and its results will not be good. There will be a catastrophic fall in the world economy, famine in some countries, but I am confident that Russia will cope, we have a large reserve of strength and resources.

Russians do not hide their intentions anymore. Recently, the Russian state information agency de-facto called on the genocide of Ukrainians. Now, a Russian state journalist revealed that the destruction of Mariupol is the attempt to demonstrate Ukrainians what fate awaits the towns that will not surrender to the Russian military.

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