Russian propagandists are silent so as not to sow panic among their soldiers

Over the past week, Ukrainian troops have carried out a number of successful strikes on ammunition storage bases in Crimea, as well as on railway infrastructure in the Chongar region.

In particular, a target was destroyed at a military facility near the city of Simferopol, which is quite far from the front line. The railway bridge and the road near Chongar were significantly destroyed.

According to the opinions of various military experts and information from public sources, the strikes were carried out with the help of unknown unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as thanks to Storm Shadow missiles provided by France and Britain.

Although information about such serious strikes on Russian logistics appeared online, the Russian military “journalists” and bloggers did not mentioned it on their channels. This can mean two things: firstly, the strikes were so painful that ordinary soldiers who are currently defending at the front are better off not knowing about it, so as not to panic; secondly, Russian military journalists learn to keep quiet when they are told about it “from above”.

It is difficult to say whether such an information tactic works, because such strikes as the one on the military base near Simferopol cannot be hidden, as too many residents of the city witnessed and recorded them in photos and videos.

However, so far there is no panic and chaos among the Russian military, although for them problems with ammunition are an inevitable future after what the Ukrainians did.

Providing over 100,000 soldiers grouping of troops is a difficult process, and now it has become even more difficult for the Russians, which inspires hope for the success of the Ukrainian offensive.

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