Russian Railways Grapple with Locomotive Shortage Amid Parts Crisis

Russian Railways (RZD) has encountered a locomotive deficit since late 2023, as repairs stall due to a dearth of imported components, as reported by industry sources.

The shortage intensified in late 2023, prompting swift action from Russian Railways to address the issue with service providers.

While nominal locomotive numbers suffice, operational capacity has declined, particularly impacting Sverdlovsk Railways.

Mikhail Burmistrov, CEO of Infoline-Analytics, highlights a drop in technical availability below the mandated threshold.

Of the 20,000 traction units, Lokotech and STM-Service manage repairs, with staffing integrated from Russian Railways’ depots.

STM-Service cites restricted access to imported parts, attributing repair challenges to sanctions.

Staff shortages due to mobilization compound issues, amid the deployment of localized equipment, despite frequent malfunctions.

Russian Railways’ locomotive deficit underscores the impact of sanctions, heightening operational hurdles amidst geopolitical tensions.

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