Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev met with top Iranian leaders in Tehran in search of new weapon supplies

Two pariah states pledged to deepen relations to counter pressure from the US and its allies.

Russia regards “strategic cooperation” with Iran as an important element of its national security. Kremlin has relied increasingly on drones from Tehran as it burns through its own stockpiles of missiles in attacks on Ukraine.

Most probably, in a short time, Russia will acquire surface-to-surface missiles from Iran, in addition to hundreds of Iranian drones that have been used in mass attacks targeting Ukraine’s cities and energy infrastructure.

Iran initially denied it sent drones to Russia, then claimed it had only supplied a limited number in the months before the war began, an assertion dismissed this week as false by the US special envoy for Iran.

Due to the delivery of drones, and even more so due to the alleged delivery of missiles, Iran risks receiving much stronger sanctions than those currently in force.

What is the reason for such reckless behavior? Most probably Iran received from Russia guarantees of something very important: Russia’s help to bolster its nuclear program, or to obtain new weapons, such as Su-35 jets.

In any case, counting on Russia could be a very unfortunate move for Iran. Israel will take any measures to destroy the country’s nuclear program. Moreover, there are no chances to obtain new fighters, because Russia cannot produce more than 2 units per year.

So Iran, taking a deal with losing Russia, most probably will be without jets and without the nuclear program, but with really harsh “nuclear” sanctions instead.

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