Russian “TV Rain” Employees in Amsterdam Making Money for Sanctioned Companies in Russia.

This is a New Year’s photo of employees of TV Rain (Dozhd) from their Amsterdam office. I found out that at least three people from this photo continue to make money in Russia, bringing money to sanctioned companies and oligarchs who sponsor the war in Ukraine.

The very same Russian “liberal” media TV Rain aka “Dozhd” that called on to donate to russian army.

Polina Milushkova.

The producer of a theater play is currently held in Moscow. The tickets, which she advertises on Instagram, are sold through the payment system of the sanctioned Sberbank.

The ticket costs 2000 rubles ($27)

Funny story. When Polina moved to Amsterdam, she started spamming local Ukrainian chats, looking for escort workers in the Netherlands for her program on TV Rain (Dozhd). She was not very welcome and behaved toxically.

Olga Liashkova. Sound engineer.


Olga also works as a dubbing engineer for the Russian company Cirillica, whose partners are sanctioned and affiliated with the Russian state companies VGTRK, Gazprom, NMG, and Yandex.

Daria Shukletsova. Producer. The funniest TV Rain employee

Also, Daria works for the World Fashion Channel, owned by the sanctioned oligarch Igor Kesaev. He is the main stakeholder of an arms factory in Russia and finances secret service employees and military personnel.

Journalists from @bihusinfo published a material where they showed this video from Daria’s Instagram. It is deleted now. Let’s see whose interests Daria served by working at WFC 

June 2022.

Interviews with the stars of Gazprom Media channels at Moscow Fashion Week, a fashion event sponsored by the Moscow City Hall led by mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who is also under sanctions.

July 2022.

Work at VK Fest. VK Fest is an open-air festival organized by the social network VK, which is owned by sanctioned Gazprombank. The general director of VK is Vladimir Kiriyenko, the son of a Russian deputy. Both are under sanctions.

July 2022.

Report from Alex Che’s exhibition. Alex Che is a little-known artist. In 2011, he painted Georgian-phobic pictures, saying that Georgia and Saakashvili were to blame for the fact that Russia attacked Georgia in 2008.

August 2022.

Promotion of the Moscow Polo Club, the director of which is a Russian official and petty propagandist Alexis Rodzianko.



September 2022.

Report from the exhibition by Yelena Kovylina, who works for the cultural department of the Moscow City Hall.

Daria Shukletsova also loves Crimea. She violated the legislation of Ukraine and visited the occupied Crimea through Russia several times. She also considers Crimea to be Russian. I think that’s why she was hired for TV Rain. It is already a tradition of the channel.

Also, in the summer of 2020, Daria was engaged in business in Crimea. She organized concerts in Crimea for Russian stand-up comedians. Of course, violating international laws and the laws of Ukraine.

Daria is a stand-up artist herself. Right before moving to Amsterdam, in the fall of 2022, she took part in the casting of Comedy Battle, a show on the TNT channel owned by Gazprom. She really loves Gazprom.

And finally. Daria is a fan of Steven Seagal, an actor from the 90s, a freak, and a friend of Putin. And she was even once his interpreter.

by @karaylo on twitter

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