Russian war killed thousands of dolphins: apocalyptic photos from Odesa region

Russian invaders are destroying all living creatures. Thousands of dead dolphins washed up on the coast in the Tuzla Estuaries National Nature Park.

The source: Suspilne TV.

“Tuzla Estuaries” is home to 263 species of birds, about 70 fish, and 43 mammals. Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the ecosystem’s biodiversity has been lost.

All living creatures suffer from the Russian invaders. The actions of the invaders can also be qualified as ecocide.

The bodies of dead dolphins were washed ashore. They died because of Russian shelling, from the noise caused by explosions, the scientist Ivan Rusev explained.

The inner ear of the dolphin is very sensitive to sonar, which leads to the fact that the dolphin completely loses orientation in space. It cannot find food and loses weight every day. Immunity falls; it gets sick and dies, – Rusev noted.

He added that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia has already killed 50 thousand dolphins.

“The research department joined the work from the first days of hostilities – they watched and recorded the events where there were arrivals. Our park needs demining: in some areas, especially when shells hit the estuary, they did not explode. We have data that have already formed the basis of criminal proceedings. It was opened on July 27 under the article “ecocide,” – the head of the Tuzla Estuaries National Park, Iryna Vykhrystyuk, said.

In September, the Specialized Environmental Prosecutor’s Office of Odesa region opened criminal proceedings on the mass destruction of dolphins and other animals in the Black Sea as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. The Odesa Regional Prosecutor’s Office reported this.

According to the investigation, the primary reason for the mass death of mammals in the Black Sea is the use of sonar by Russians on submarines and surface boats, which create loud sounds that adversely affect the health of animals.

Experts conducted an examination and autopsy of dolphins found on the coasts of the Odesa region. The samples were sent to the university in Italy and Germany for a separate study of the inner ear structures of dolphins.

Russia’s war kills innocent civilians and destroys nature in Ukraine, creating an ecological catastrophe. Moscow has to be excluded from all relevant international organizations for the crimes it committed.

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