Russians continue to plagiarize Ukrainian songs

The Russians “stole” the Ukrainian song, remade it to their own taste and are now using it during the performance of Russian-Belarusian figure skater, three-time European champion and two-time world champion Tetyana Navka at the ice-show “Evenings on the Farm” which took place in Moscow Palace of Sports “Megasport”.

The song is called “Trymai” by the famous Ukrainian singer Khrystyna Soloviy, who has already reacted outrageously to this act of plagiarism by the Russians.

The original song “Trymai” by Khrystyna Soloviy on YouTube

“This is not the first theft of my works by these thieves. It’s not about stealing the song “Trymai” (hold), and not even about the fact that Peskov’s wife dances to my song, with the revised text in Russian. It is about the appropriation of the cultural heritage of Ukrainians. I am aware that it will not be easy to convict the guilty.”

Hrystyna Soloviy wrote on her Instagram page.

In addition, during Tetyana Navka’s performance, the plagiarized and remade Ukrainian songs “Nich yaka misyachna” and “Shchedryk” were played during the aforementioned ice-show.

Khrystyna Soloviy said that she will file a copyright infringement lawsuit.

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