Russians shelling foreign commercial ship at the port of Mariupol

The invaders continue to shell the port of Mariupol, with foreign ships docked and crews onboard, making the point that the international trade has been blocked and Ukraine cannot export agricultural products.

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The Russian troops fired upon a civilian ship with the flag of the Dominican Republic near one of the berths. One of the crewmembers was wounded, and the Azov Regiment fighters assisted to the crew and the victim. Because of the shelling, the ship caught fire and sank, while the enemy continued firing, making it impossible to put out the fire.

In addition, two ships from Malta, a ship from Jamaica and a ship from Liberia have also been blocked in the port of Mariupol. One of these ships has Turkish citizens.

We are waiting for the reaction of the world to the shelling of ships under the flags of other states by the Russian Orcs.

Сухогруз "Азбург"

The ship Azburg is one example. It’s located on the 16th berth of the Mariupol seaport. The ship’s captain on the 16th International Channel gave an SOS signal. The crew consists of 12 people, including 1 woman. One crew member was injured. There was a fire in the engine room.

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