Russia’s Total Combat Losses Soar in the Russia-Ukraine War

In a significant development on the eastern Ukrainian front, Ukrainian authorities have confirmed a significant increase in Russian military casualties amid the ongoing fighting. This escalation marks a critical phase in the war, underscoring the strengthening of Ukrainian resistance.

According to official statements and confirmed independent assessments, the surge in casualties reflects significant losses from reckless and so-called “meat assaults” by Russian troops. The Russian casualty figures, which appear in the reports of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Western intelligence against the backdrop of fierce fighting and strategic maneuvers, emphasize the growing effectiveness of Ukrainian defense and the increasing complexity of combat operations.

ISW experts suggest that the increase in Russian casualties may indicate a dramatic shift during the war in favor of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Over the past few days, Ukrainian soldiers have managed to shoot down seven Russian aircraft. The enemy’s total aviation losses are as follows: 339 airplanes and 325 helicopters have already been destroyed.
The Russian invaders have also lost a huge amount of manpower and armored vehicles on our land – 407,240 enemies have been eliminated, including 12,373 armored combat vehicles and 6,523 tanks.

As the international community closely observes and continues to assist Ukraine with less intensity, the implications of these developments for regional stability and global security remain a subject of intense scrutiny and debate.
The reality of increasing combat casualties of the Russian occupation forces underscores the urgent need to end the war in favor of Ukraine and restore respect for international law.

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