Russia’s Totalitarian Regime Enforces Russian as the Sole Language, Ignoring Multinationalism

The Russian State Duma recently adopted amendments to the 2005 Federal Law “On the State Language of the Russian Federation” Although at first it seemed to be a routine bill, on closer examination it became clear that the aim was to abolish all languages and dialects in Russia except Russian.

The amendments require officials and citizens to adhere to Russian language norms, making Russian the only language used in education, as well as in all state and municipal information systems, telegram and postal item addresses, postal money transfers, and information intended for consumers of goods, works, and services.

This law is a direct manifestation of totalitarianism, and it oppresses all other peoples living in Russia. National languages and their use are legislatively abolished, and small peoples and nationalities are not protected.

Although the Russian Constitution claims that it is a multinational state with nearly 190 peoples, including small autochthonous peoples such as the Komi, Kumyks, Lezgins, Tuvinians, Lakhs, Khakassians, Nenets, Evens, Nogais, etc., the amendment makes no provision for their languages and cultures.

The starting point for the disintegration of the totalitarian Putin regime will be from within the Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Kalmykia, and other national entities where people still remember their national identity.

Although it is unclear when this will happen, this law is likely to lead to the downfall of Putin.

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