Serbian newspaper Politika openly promotes Russian aggression

The Ukrainian Embassy in Belgrade has accused the Politika journal of blatantly backing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine by publishing an interview with Denis Pushilin, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Russia’s proxy.

Politika supported the killing of hundreds of children and thousands of adults, the destruction of cities and villages in the sovereign European country of Ukraine, and the daily shelling of peaceful cities and civilian infrastructure by Russian troops by publishing an anti-Ukrainian interview with one of the leaders of a proxy terrorist group, according to the embassy.

“The embassy notes that the daily Politika, on the instructions of its owner, the Russian fascist regime, is not only trying to spoil relations between Ukraine and Serbia but is also actively working to undermine the territorial integrity and sovereignty of not only Serbia but also Ukraine,” the statement reads.

According to the Ukrainian Embassy, “the Serbian leadership and competent authorities will give a proper, including public, assessment of the subversive operations of Moscow mercenaries who exploit the Serbian media and Serbian information space to provoke hostilities in the center of Europe.”

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